Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 3: Update

We're down to one more game here in Week 3 and as usual with Monday Night Football, we've got a good team against a crappy one. Meaning, just about everyone (ALEX?) picked Dallas to win tonight. And you know what that means! Say it with me now... Monday Night Points!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. So, with the aforementioned single game remaining, we've got a three way tie for first this week. Gedeon Mariam, Dan Sinclair, and Adam Roy all have 11 wins so far. John Weaver would have 11 too if he hadn't gone and picked Arizona to win last night. John, seriously, what were you thinking? Well, yeah, sure, I picked them too, but I'm an idiot.

So, enough babbling, let's get to it. Remember, the winner is the one who comes the closest without going over, unless of course, everyone goes over, then it's just the closest. Gedeon picked 35 MNP, Adam picked 45 MNP, and Dan picked 54, so here's how it breaks down for tonight's game.

If the score is...
... 34 or less, everyone will be over, but Gedeon will be the closest, so he'll win.
... between 35 and 44, Gedeon will win.
... between 45 and 53, Adam will win.
... 54 or over, Dan will win.

Best of luck, gentlemen.

And for those of you curious what I thought of my Redskins losing to the Lions yesterday (HOLY %#&@*#^$%), here it is. And yes, it does contain a few swear words.

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