Sunday, September 06, 2009

Welcome & Pool Information

Hey now.

Welcome to the third Matty's Semi-Annual Football Pool (poop!)!, or MSAFP(p!)! for you old-heads out there. This email is going out to everyone who has said they're in, so if you haven't yet sent your money, now is the time to do it. I need that dough before THIS THURSDAY, people.

Here's how it's going to work this year. Each week I will post on the blog ( that week's NFL schedule. The post will usually go up just after the previous week has concluded. Each person in the pool will submit your winners to me at this email address ( That is, I want a list of which teams you think will win the game. No losers, no spreads, no over/under, just tell me who will win. It's easier for me if you just tell me the winners and omit the losers. For example, Jacksonville at New England. You would write:

New England

Unless you're an idiot, then you'd write:


Yes, it's just that easy. You'll do that for every game each week (all of which will be posted on the blog ( Each week we'll tabulate everyone's record and the person with the best record will win the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP) (more on that below).

In the event of a tie, i.e. two or more people end up with the same record at the end of the week, the tie-breaker will be total points scored on the Monday night game (if there are two Monday night games, I'll specify for which you should submit your total points). So, along with all your weekly picks, you should submit to me the total number of points you think will be scored in the specified Monday night game. So, for example, if Jacksonville at New England is the Monday nighter:

New England (45)

We play by Price Is Right rules, meaning the winner is the person closest to the actual number without going over. That's WITHOUT GOING OVER. If everyone who is in the running goes over, than it's just the closest, and if one person tied at the end of the week does not submit their Monday Night Points then they will not win the WSP (unless the other person doesn't submit MNP too, then you dopes'll split it).

So, really easy. Each week you:

1) look on the blog at that week's NFL schedule
2) ponder, research, throw your dice, read your websites, whatever
3) send me your winners
4) send me your Monday Night Points
5) enjoy moist and steamy NFL action
6) check the blog ( to see how you did

Assuming everyone who says they're in is in, this will be the money breakdown:

Each week the WSP will be $70. Win two WSPs and you'll already have more than your money back. Nifty, eh?
Finish in 3rd place overall at year's end, and win your money back: $125
Finish in 2nd place overall, and win twice your money back (almost): $225
Finish in 1st place overall and take down some serious coin: $460

Important but douchey note:

As a courtesy to you, I strive to not inundate your email inboxes with garbage "Hey send me your picks!" emails each week, so I can't stress enough that you will be responsible for sending in your picks each week. I may email you if you haven't sent in your picks, my friend Matt (a different Matt) may email you a reminder if you haven't sent in your picks by Sunday morning or so, but in no way should you count on receiving a reminder each week. In fact, I am trying to eliminate emails entirely, so any important message will be posted on the pool website.

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