Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 2: Results: Back From The Beach

Sorry for the delay in posting the results, people. I was locked in the bathroom by my cat and... well, not really. I was taken hostage by terrorists, and force fed bottle after bottle of expired Diet Shasta Ginger Ale (Still With No Actual Ginger!)... no, well, actually I took my kids to the beach for the first time. [pause for crying]. Yes, it was a magical and moist time, not unlike Week 2 of the NFL season! (greatest. segway. ever.)

So, if you'll recover from that AWESOME SEGWAY and recall that, once again, it came down to Monday Night Points (MNP) last week. Gedeon called 42 and Alex called 56, meaning if the score was 56 or over Alex won. If it was 55 or under, Gedeon won. Well this may not be news to some of you, but some of us have been ensconced Dawn Tha Showa (that's "down the shore") where there is no internet, so please bear with us.

Indy won 27-23, for a total of 50 points. Alex: So so so sorry, but, Congratulations to Gedeon on his first ever Weekly Standard Prize (WSP)! Gedeon, you win Matell's new Masturbating Baboon toy! Just turn the crank (so to speak) and it goes right to work! And, it comes with real vanilla Jell-O pudding! Amaze you friends, gross out just about everyone, and Yay, just in time to celebrate the birth of our Savior!

No, sadly, you'll win the WSP of $70. Amaze you friends, confound your enemies, and buy yourself some gum. Or something.

So, here are the final standings for Week 2:

1. Gedeon...12-4
1. Alex...12-4
3. Jon Stover...10-6
3. Bill Denton...10-6
3. John Weaver...10-6
6. George Smith...9-7
6. Matthew Mariam...9-7
6. Matthew Kory (ME!)...9-7
9. Dan Sinclair...8-8
9. Zack Klein...8-8
9. Karl Vaillancourt...8-8
9. Sandy Kory...8-8
9. Joey Bansen...8-8
9. Adam Roy...8-8
15. Dave "Dollars" Labowitz...7-9
16. Josh "No Dollars" Money...6-10

And, for the first time this year, I present to you, the Current Overall Standings (COS). Unsurprisingly, the two WSP winners are near the top:

1. Gedeon Mariam...24-8
2. Alex Mena...23-9
3. Jon Stover...22-10
4. Bill Denton...21-11
4. Matthew Mariam...21-11
4. John Weaver...21-11
4. Zack Klein...21-11
4. Joey Bansen... 21-11
4. George Smith...21-11
10. Dave Labowitz...20-12
10. Karl Vaillancourt...20-12
10. Dan Sinclair...20-12
10. Adam Roy...20-12
14. Josh Money... 19-13
14. ME BITCHES... 19-13
14. Sandy Kory...19-13

I should note that if anyone thinks I've made a mistake with their record, please notify me immediately. Thankyaaaaaw.

So, that's Week 2, people. The schedule for Week 3 will be up shortly. Need your picks with MNP by 1pm EST this Sunday.


BMFS said...

You mean a "segue"? A "SEGWAY" is that scooter-like contraption that some postal workers use.

mattymatty said...

Yes, that was pointed out to me. I'm stupid. What can I say...