Wednesday, December 27, 2006


From the homestead...

Thaaaaaaaaats right, I'm back at my 'rents house, down in ol' VA. This is the first post coming to you from the backwater of Washington DC, rather than the mean streets of Filthadelphia.

We had a banner week here at MFSAFP(p!)! Two Firsts this week. The first First, if you will, was that... well, actually it wasn't really a first after all. I thought someone set the record for wins in a week, 14, but that ain't the case. Fourteen wins, what I thought to be the new record was originally posted by Mister Zack Klein in Week 2. And its not even the record for best week, which was posted by my brother (Sandy) who went an incredible 13-1 in Week 5. In any case, the non-record was posted by Mister David Labowitz. Such a great week deserves a great reward, but we don't give out great rewards here at MFSAFP(p!)! Which is fine for Mister Labowitz because he sent his picks in too late to qualify for this week's money anyway. For shame, Mister Labowitz, for shame.

The second First was that, with Mister Labowitz out of the way, there was room for mediocrity to take the proverbial cake. And, sirs, as you all should know by now, I am nothing if not mediocre. Thats right, the winner this week was, essentially through default...


Holy poop on a stick!!
Holy crap on a crutch!!
And holy %#@$*!@&^*&!!!

I'd like to thank all the little people who made this possible, primarily everyone in this pool for all having a week just crappy enough to let me regain a measure of my football prognosticating dignity. I chose 27 points and, as the total points came out to be 23, I managed to beat Karl (34) and George (31) in the total points category. Here's how the week played out:

1. Dave Labowitz, 14-2*
2. Matthew Kory, 9-7
2. Karl Vaillancourt, 9-7
2. Scott Rozsa, 9-7*
2. George Smith, 9-7
6. Joshu Shih, 8-8
6. Andy Harris, 8-8*
8. Matthew Mariam, 7-9*
8. Sandy Kory, 7-9*
8. Joey Bansen, 7-9
8. Jon Stover, 7-9
8. Zack Klein, 7-9
13. Bill Denton, 6-10

[*picks arrived too late for dough]

That puts the year's standings at the following:

1. Joshu Shih, 148-92
2. Joey Bansen, 145-95
3. Matthew Kory, 144-96
4. Jon Stover, 143- 97
4. Andy Harris, 143-97
6. Scott Rozsa, 141-99
6. Karl Vaillancourt, 141-99
6. Sandy Kory, 141-99
9. Zack Klein, 140-100
10. Matthew Mariam, 139-101
11. George Smith, 137-103
12. Dave Labowitz, 131-109
13. Bill Denton, 130-110

This week's games don't begin until Saturday at 8pm EST, so I'll need your last week's picks (WHAAA!!!) by then. Only one more week to go folks. The race for second place is on so don't send 'em in late this week! I'll post the Week 17 schedule later today.

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