Monday, December 11, 2006


"Cummerbunds be bad, yo."

Week 14 is finally over. Wheew... what a relief. Its time to crown the winner, and in the interest of time and my waning sanity, here it is:
1. Andy Harris*, 11-5
2. Zack Klein, 10-6
2. Joshu Shih, 10-6
2. Matthew Kory, 10-6
5. George Smith, 7-9
5. Joey Bansen*, 7-9
5. Dave Labowitz, 7-9
5. Karl Vaillancourt*, 7-9
5. Bill Denton*, 7-9
5. Scott Rozsa, 7-9
5. Matthew Mariam, 7-9
12. Jon Stover, 6-10
13. Sandy Kory, 6-10
The little star means that I received your picks too late for you to be eligible for the weekly prize. This means that the winner of Week 14 came down to total points between the three second place finishers. I picked 21 points, Joshu picked 35 points and Zack picked 36. The total points scored went over 36 which means that the winner is Zack Klein! Congrats to Zack! You thief!

The overall standings changed a lot this week. We had a couple people at the top take a tumble and fall back to the pack. A few in the pack picked up the pace a bit and are now in the hunt. For the most part its a jumble up at the top. Should be an exciting three weeks left. So, the overall standings now look like this:
1. Joshu Shih, 127-81
1. Joey Bansen, 127-81
3. Sandy Kory, 126-82
4. Matthew Kory, 125-83
4. Jon Stover, 125-83
4. Andy Harris, 125-83
7. Zack Klein, 124-84
8. Scott Rozsa, 123-85
9. Matthew Mariam, 122-86
10. Karl Vaillancourt, 121-87
11. George Smith, 118-90
12. Bill Denton, 115-93
13. Dave Labowitz, 109-99
Unlike the weekly prizes, I did not devise a tie-breaker for the final first and second place prizes. So, if you finish tied with someone(s?) at the end of the season, I'll split the money equally for all those that finished tied at that spot.

Two quick reminders:

1) Next week's games start on Thursday night as well, so don't forget to send in your picks. Send them in early if you need to.

2) Here's the prize money we're playing for, just to whet yr collective appetites:

1st Place Overall: $286
2nd Place Overall: $130

This ain't Vegas, but thats still a hefty chunch of change. Think of all the blow you could buy with that, eh? Check back at the end of the day when I post the schedule for Week 15 as well as brightening your day with more witty commentary. Toodles!

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