Monday, December 11, 2006


"Duuh... huh?"

Its that time of year again!

You mean the Christmas season, Matt?

No, italicized voice in my head.

Oh, you must mean you're busy with finals.

You must be the dumbest italicized voice ever! No, its the time of year where I sabotage my grades, my friendships, and my relationship to watch a football team utterly devoid of all hope; a football team so bad that they can completely dominate an opponent on both sides of the ball and, through sheer force of will, lose.

So, heres the update for Week 14:

There are three people in contention for the Weekly Standard Prize. Those people are:
Zack Klein (9 wins)
Joshu Shih (9 wins)
Me!! (9 wins)
Everyone picked Chicago (and rightly so) for the Monday nighter, so it'll come down tototal points. Remember, its the total points without going over. If everyone goes over its the person who comes closest. So here are our guesses for the total points scored tonight:
Matt: 21
Joshu: 35
Zack: 36
Yes, thats right, Joshu's F'd. Oh well, it was a good try, buddy. Better luck next week. I'll be back tomorrow with the Week 14 wrap up and the updated total standings. We had some people make a run at the top this week, so things are tightening up for the stretch run.

Mmmm... runs...

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