Monday, December 18, 2006

Week 15: Update!

How'd ya like to be that stick?

So, we've got one more game left in Week 15, but while that will play a role in the overall standings, it don't mean squat this week. Thats right, Gents, we have a winner already. And for the fifteenth week in a row, it ain't me! The winner is, in fact, Joshu Shih, who is threatening to just kick our collective ass and then shove our face up it for good measure.


In any case, I just wanted to say congrats Joshu, and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion to Week 15: By How Much Will We All Lose to Joshu?

Also tomorrow, up to date Yearly Standings! Find out what you have to do to win $280-something bucks in two weeks!

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