Tuesday, December 05, 2006


"I can't believe we lost to... Herpes?"
"After that brief and regrettable trip to the circus, I never talked to her or it again."

So, the stupid Eagles finally won something. So f'n what. Go f yrselfs, Eagles fans. The Eagles might have won, and they might still be in the playoff chase, but I've never heard an entire stadium turn on its team so quickly as the fans at the Linc did tonight. Gutless. We're with you as long as yr winning. Thats the message it sent. As soon as something bad happens, "BOOOO!! Waaah... BOOO!"

With invective like that you'd think I live in Philly... wait, I do! So, the real reason I'm pissed that the Eagles won, besides the fact that I hate the Eagles, is that now I have to change the standings. You see, yesterday, rather than write one of my term papers I decided to go through and set up my spreadsheet to see where I am in the final standings for Week 13 and the overall standings. To do that, I had to provide an outcome for the Monday Night game. So I went through and put that the Eagles lost (it seemed the most likely outcome at the time), and then wrote up the results based on that. So, now I have to go back through and change the whole damn thing. Stupid Jeff Garcia...

So, yeah, here's the final (correct and edited) edition of the Week 13 standings:
1. Matthew Mariam, 11-5
2. Andy Harris, 10-6
3. Scott Rozsa, 9-7
4. Joey Bansen, 8-8
5. George Smith, 8-8
6. Jon Stover, 8-8
7. Karl Vaillancourt, 8-8
8. Bill Denton, 8-8
9. Joshu Shih, 8-8
10. Matthew Kory, 8-8
11. Zack Klein, 7-9
12. Sandy Kory, 7-9
13. Dave Labowitz 5-11
You'll notice that, for the most part, we all bit the big one this week. All except Matthew Mariam!! Congrats, Matt! I knew someone named Matt would win this week. Now, instead of you owing me $100, I owe you $4! Either that or 1/2 a cup of coffee at Starbucks, right? Anyway, we'll settle up over X-mas. Now stop winning stuff!

Not too much change in the overall standings was the result as you can see here in the updated-through-Week-13 overall standings:
1. Joey Bansen, 120-72
2. Sandy Kory, 120-72
3. Jon Stover, 119-73
4. Joshu Shih, 116-76
5. Scott Rozsa, 116-76
6. Matthew Kory, 115-77
7. Matthew Mariam, 115-77
8. Andy Harris, 114-78
9. Karl Vaillancourt, 114-78
10. Zack Klein, 114-78
11. George Smith, 111-81
12. Bill Denton, 108-84
13. Dave Labowitz, 102-90
With four weeks left, we've got a 3 way race at the top of the standings. And, ten of us peeps are within striking distance only six games back. The next four weeks should be exciting.

Week 14 will fire it up this Thursday night with the stunningly abysmally bad matchup of Cleveland at Pittsburgh. Who knows what will happen when a bad team meets... another bad team! NFL fun, thats what! Anyway, that sh*t-fest gets underway at 8pm EST, so I'll need all yr picks by then if you want to be eligible for the WSP, which I know you do (I spoke to your mother a few minutes ago and she confirmed it). I'll post the Week 14 slate tomorrow.

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