Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 8: Update

Another humiliating week of moist football action is mostly behind us and, at the risk of not belaboring the point enough, there are only two of you left standing. One of them is me! No, just kidding. That would be unpossible.

Right now we have two people in the Pool(poop!) with ten wins on the week. Matthew Mariam and John Weaver. There will be no Sunday Night Points (SNP) this week, peeps. No, an actual NFL game will determine the result and thus the winner of this week's Weekly Standard Prize (WSP).

Matthew Mariam picked San Diego and John Weaver picked Kansas City. So, if Kansas City wins, the John Weaver bandwagon rolls it's wooden wagon wheels up, over and potentially even through Matthew Mariam's ass. But(t)! If San Diego wins, well. Different story. If San Diego wins, Matthew Mariam's Camaro of Awesome-itude is gonna do figure 8s over John Weaver's finely coiffed locks. The damage will be exquisite. 

That's where it stands now. San Diego wins, Mariam wins. KC wins, then Weaver wins. In both scenarios, everyone else loses. Welcome, friends. Welcome.

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