Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 6: Update

Twelve games down, one to go. Only three people are still alive for the Week 6 WSP. Jon Stover, who had the lead up until stupidly picking Minnesota (full disclosure: so did I), Josh Money, and Joey Bansen. All three have ten wins. Since they and everyone who can catch them picked the Jets to win in Miami tomorrow, the result of that game won't change the standings. Thus, the WSP will be awarded to the winner in the great derby that we call...

Monday Night Points!

Here's how it breaks down. First, recall we here at MFSAFP(p!)! go by The Price Is Right rules. Thus, the winner in Monday Night Points (MNP) is the one who gets closest to the actual total without going over. Here's how it breaks down.

If the total score of the Jets/Dolphins game is

... between 0-40, Josh Money wins.
... 41 exactly, Jon Stover wins.
... 42 or over, Joey Bansen wins.

Ha ha! Jon Stover is screwed!!

Back tomorrow with the Week 6 standings, an update on the Current Overall Standings, and probably several poop jokes.

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