Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 7: Update

First off, I should say if you totally shat the bed this week, don't feel badly. Lots of people did. Just about half the field is currently at or below .500 on the week. This was a pretty brutal week. Who picked Oakland and Tennessee to get blown the hell out? How about Detroit blowing their game? Or the Redskins to get their assess kicked? Well, maybe we should've seen that last one coming.

Of course not everyone ingested a heaping spoonful of feces. In fact, two people (yup, only two) have 10 wins on the week so far. That would be John Weaver (duh) and Christine Roberts. Both are a game up on their nearest competitors, Josh Money and Joey Bansen. Since everyone in the entire pool(poop!) and their dead great grandfather picked Baltimore to win on Monday night, Josh and Joey aren't catching Christine and John.

So, again, it's gonna come down to Monday Night Points (MNP)! And rightfully so.

Christine picked 35 and John guessed 40. Recall we play Price Is Right rules here at MFSAFP(p!)! so the one whose guess is the closest without going over wins.

So, if the total score of the Monday Night game is 39 or less, Christine will win. If it's 40 or greater, John wins. Best of luck to neither of you rat bastards.

God I suck at this.

Back later tonight or Tuesday with the Week 7 Results and your Week 8 schedule.

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