Sunday, December 25, 2011

Week 16: Update

Yes, this is how dedicated (read: stupid) I am. I'm posting an update on Christmas day. Jesus will be pee-owed!

I'm writing this well before tonight's (Sunday's) Packers/Bears game because, well, we all know who will win that. And even if we don't, we all think we do (we all picked Green Bay), so for the purposes of the Pool(poop!)! it doesn't matter.

Week 16 has just two people still in the running for the Weekly Standard Prize. Ryan Schultz and (you're not going to believe this but...) ME! That's right! The idiot who runs this stupid waste of time might actually maybe sortof win something!

Holy crap on a crutch!

(Don't hold your breath.)

Ryan and I both have 12 wins and at least a game up on everyone else (again, assuming GB wins; if Chicago wins then we both have 11 wins and the same game up).

With the Monday Night match up of Atlanta (9-5) at New Orleans (11-3), you'd think this would come down to Monday Night Points (MNP). You'd be wrong. Everyone in the entire Pool(poop!)! picked New Orleans to beat Atlanta except one person: Ryan Schultz.

So MNPs be damned! This one's going down old style. If Atlanta beats New Orleans, Ryan is the Big Wiener for Week 16. If New Orleans wins, I'm your BW.

Back tomorrow or Tuesday with the results and the schedule for Week 17 which, by the way, is entirely devoid of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Monday games. All the games are on Sunday, January 1st.


Happy Holidays, Pool(poop!) Peeps.

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