Sunday, December 04, 2011

Week 13: Update

There is still the Sunday night game left to go as I write this, but since everyone in the entire Pool(poop!) (somewhat surprisingly) picked New Orleans, the game won't affect the final standings. As such, with two games left to play, there are two people with 11 wins on the week. They are George Smith, who's wife, Katie, just had their third baby (CONGRATULATIONS, GEORGE!), and Karl Vaillancourt, who can get a baby for anyone who wants one because Karl knows people who knows people, knowwutameen? I kid. Karl won't sell you a baby (shhh!! yes he will!).

In any case, as I said, George and Karl both have 11 wins. There are two people with 10 wins, but since George and Karl picked different teams on Monday Night, one of them will end up with an uncatchable 12 wins.

So, Pool(poop!) Peeps, no Monday Night Points (MNP) this week. This one is easy. George picked San Diego and Karl picked Jacksonville. The one who is correct wins the Weekly Standard Prize. The one who is wrong wins the proverbial kick in the dick. Also a real kick in the dick. Best of luck to both!

Back Monday or Tuesday with the results and the schedule for Week 14.

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