Monday, November 07, 2011

Week 9: Update

A quick note before the update: Week 10 starts the always irritating Thursday Night Football. That garbage will stay with us for most of the rest of the regular season. As such I will allow you to send in your Thursday Night picks separately from the rest of their picks. That way you don't have to make all your picks three days before the games actually start. You may also send in all your picks at the same time if you wish, though that would of course have to be before the start of the Thursday night game.

I'll be reminding you of this again in the Schedule post but I thought I'd bring it up here while I have your attention. Now, back to your regularly scheduled weekly update.

 * * *

With one game left to go, there are three Pool(poop!) Participants (P(p!)P) with nine wins. Nine is the most so far this week though nine people are on their butts with eight wins. But those with nine are safe from those with eight as everyone in the entire Pool(poop!) picked the Eagles to beat Chicago.

Except me.

That's right, I am the lone eight-winner who has a shot at catching the nine win peeps. I'm also the only moron who has bet actual money on Mike Martz, Jay Cutler, and the Chicago Bears.

Here's how it breaks down. If the Eagles win, I'm dead, and the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP) will come down to Christine Roberts, Ryan Schultz, and John Weaver. But, if the Bears win, it'll become a four person race.

Two scenarios: If the Eagles win then the three nine-would-be-ten-winners would battle it out Monday Night Points (MNP) style for the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP). The point breakdown would look like this. If the point total is between...

... 0 and 39, Christine Roberts would be your winner.
... 40 and 47, Ryan Schultz would be your winner.
... 48 and above, John Weaver would be your winner. A-frigg'n-gain.

BUT! If the Bears win, it becomes a four person race. Of course then it would also come down to Monday Night Points. As such:

... 0 and 36, Christine Roberts would be your winner.
... 37 and 39, Matthew Kory would be your winer.
... 40 and 47, Ryan Schultz would be your winner.
... 48 and above, John Weaver would be your winner. A-frigg'n-gain.

As you can see, I have as much chance of winning this as Herman Cain does of winning the presidency. Christine and John are the obvious favorites, with Ryan a long shot though nowhere close to as long as yours truly.

Best of luck to none of you pricks. Me included.

Back Tuesday or Wednesday with the results and Week 10 schedule.

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