Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 10: Update II

As Pool(poop!) Peep Bill Denton put it in his picks this week, Thursday Night Football sucks. Yes, Bill. Yes it does.

I surmise that the Thursday game was what led a record number of you (3) to forget to send in your picks this week. Unfortunately for you too, because the rule states when you forget to send in your picks you get the number of wins accumulated by the worst record that week in the Pool(poop!) minus one. So if the worst record in whatever week was only 7 wins then those of you who forgot your picks get credit for 6. Except this week, thanks to my brother, it's worse. But we'll get to that tomorrow or Tuesday or when ever I put up the weekly results (hopefully tomorrow night).

As for this week, we've got a interesting situation going on. Four people are tied for the lead with 9 wins. Everyone picked Green Bay to beat Minnesota tomorrow night, so that won't cull the herd. Meaning, it's gonna come down to Monday Night Points! Again! Seriously! You twits!

Here's how it breaks down. If the final score totals ...

... between 0 and 46, Zack Klein and Gedeon Mariam will split the WSP (both picked 43 MNP).
... either 47 or 48, Matt Kory wins. (Note: this will not happen.)
... 49 or above, Bill Denton will blow the whole lot on Buds. 

So, that's where we stand. Zack and Gedeon are hopelessly tied, I'm straight F'd, and Bill overshot everyone. Happy day.

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