Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 12: Update

Just got back from Seattle where I saw my Redskins blow their draft position to holy hell with my brother. I've never met a nicer group of fans though. I actually high-fived a Seahawks fan after a Redskins touchdown. I wasn't trying to be a dick, he held his hand up, asking me to.

In the alcohol-and-victory induced haze of the afternoon (not to mention wet undergarmets which don't increase productivity at all) I didn't get to follow the Pool(poop!) during the day. As such, it was quite a surprise to come back home, throw everything up on ye olde spreadsheet at once, and see how the numbers fell.

First I should say we all did a fucking crazy amazing job. There isn't a group of NFL analysts working who did better this week. And yet we all can't have candy, can we?

With one game to go, five people have twelve wins on the week. But that doesn't really matter because two people have 13 wins. The two buzz-kills in question are Josh Money and Robin Wood who have 13 out of 15 nailed.

But, both Josh and Robin picked New Orleans tomorrow, which opens the hole to any of the 12 win people to tie them by picking (correctly) the New York "Public Toilet" Giants to win. The only one of the five to take up the challenge was Joey Bansen.

Here's how it breaks down for the Monday night game which will decide this week's Big Wiener (BW).

If the Giants win and the total score is...
... 41 or less, Joey Bansen wins.
... between 42 and 51, Robin Wood wins.
... 52 or higher, Josh Money wins.

If the Saints win and the total score is...
... 51 or less, Robin Wood wins.
... 52 or higher, Josh Money wins.

Back tomorrow or Tuesday with the results!

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