Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 12: Actual Update

Good morning to you folks. It's another happy Monday. Yay.

I'm here to tell you that Karl Vaillancourt is ridiculous. More specifically, he's a ridiculous 14-1 right now. That is crazy, and it doesn't leave much room to keep up, but surprisingly two of you managed to anyway. Adam Roy and Josh Money are both 13-2 and only a game back. And (here's the kicker) both of them picked New Orleans tonight, while Karl went with New England. Oooo, intrigue.

Here's the simple scenario: if New England wins, Karl wins. Doesn't matter what the score is. Karl gets the $70 gift certificate to Goat World. But, if New Orleans wins, we've got three people at 14 wins and that means only one thing...


That's Monday Night Points. So, if New Orleans wins, and...

- the total score is between zero and 57, Adam Roy wins
- the total score is between 58 and 69, Josh Money wins
- the total score is 70 or over, Karl Vaillancourt wins.

Exciting, no?

I'll be back tomorrow with your Week 12 Results, a quick note on how to solve the quadratic equation (hint: subtract!) and the schedule for Week 13. Hope everyone enjoyed a great Thanksgiving weekend.

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Adam said...

Damn you Josh Money always trying to tie me!