Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 10: Update (For Reeels This Time)

After twelve more games we've managed to narrow the field a bit. No more fourteen-way tie. We've narrowed the field to three, in fact. Jon Stover, Alex Mena, and (Holy @%*#&$!!) yours truly all currently lead the field with 10 wins. We have four more with nine wins, but nobody was dumb enough to pick Cleveland over Baltimore in the pool(poop!). That means that Week 10 comes down to Monday Night Points! Yay! Arbitrary tie-breaker!

Fortunately, there will be no tie this week because we all picked different MNPs. I picked 17, Alex nabbed 31 and Jon chose 37. As you will recall, the winner is the closest to the total score without going over (remember to spay and neuter your pets!).

Here's the breakdown:

  • If the final score totals between 0 and 30 points, I win, suckas!
  • If the final score totals between 31 and 36 points, Alex Mena wins.
  • If the final score totals 37 points or more, Jon Stover wins. (BOOOOOOO!)

Remember, folks, we've got yet another delicious Thursday night game coming up, so be prepared to send your picks in early this week.

Best of luck to me tonight. I'll be back tomorrow morning with the winner and the final standings for Week 10, as well as the Current Overall Standings update. I know you can't wait, but try to keep your breakfast down this time, eh?

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