Monday, November 26, 2007


Week 12 is almost in the books and we've got a three horse race. So far, Josh, Molly, and Zack are 11-4 on the week. Everyone in the pool picked Pittsburgh, so it'll come down to total points. Here are the selections (so you can follow along at home):

Zack: 30 points
Josh: 37
Molly: 38

Remember, its the closest without going over, so if the score totals 36 or less, Zack will win, if it totals 37 then Josh will win, and if its 38 or over then Molly takes the WSP. Good luck! I'll post the results plus the schedule for Week 13 tomorrow around lunch time.

Also, don't forget, we've got another early week coming up. Dallas and Green Bay play this Thursday night (thats November 29th) at 8:15pm EST, so I'll need ALL of your picks by then.

Hope everyone had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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